Great Gambler Can not Get Playing At Casinos

great-gambler-can-not-get-playing-at-casinos –¬†Gambling game is the only game that is always interesting to discuss. Gambling games can always adrenaline of the players, both when the players win or lose.

Increasing number of people who love this game until Ultimately the only no one becomes Bandarq  an expert in this game. Experts in this gambling game has managed to win some money from the casino, so they were given the nickname as the god of gambling.

But unfortunately this gambling gods can not play in the casino anymore, because they are already banned by the casino for any reason. Here is the name of great gamblers who could not play in the casino, namely:

Don Johnson

Penjudi Hebat Yang Tidak Bisa Bermain Di Kasino

He was a gambler who is experienced and knows how to work the system owned by the casino. Don Johnson, who is also the CEO of Heritage Development is to break into the Atlantic City casino to successfully bring a victory by 181 billion rupiah in just one night only.

She revealed a secret that every casino has a game manipulation systems. He decided to reveal manipulation of the game of blackjack in Atlantic City casinos. Finally, he was forbidden to play at casinos.

Louis Colavecchio

Penjudi Hebat Yang Tidak Bisa Bermain Di Kasino

This great gamblers have special skills to win the game at the slot machines. His expertise is that he is capable of emulating the coin used in a slot machine casino. Coins are made almost indistinguishable from the original. No one can find the fraud he did, until he himself who revealed his secret to the casino. Since then, he is no longer permitted to play in the casino.

Richard Marcus

Penjudi Hebat Yang Tidak Bisa Bermain Di Kasino

Gamblers this one has greatness gimmick fast and hard to know. Not only famous for his shrewdness in cheating when gambling, he also expertly covered the action.

The casino supervisor never deliberately investigating how to perform the fraud, but they still can not find a way. Richard Marcus was later arrested on suspicion of fraud amount of 58.4 billion rupiah.

Here the names of great gamblers who could not play in the casino, even though they have outstanding expertise. So much and thank you for reading this article.